Christian lorey and April Lorey team up to help kids with cancer. Christian sings and writes his own  songs. One day he wrote a song for a wonderful lady we know. Tyler tuckers grandmother saw this song. and had the ideal that he should write them for children with cancer. Of course this was a grate ideal and we knew christian could use his gift to put a smile on a childs face. April lorey also had the ideal of sending coloring books or other items based on the age of the child along with cards to a child to also put a smile on a childs face with cancer. April can also edit your childs photos and make a few graphics for your child or banners for your childs site as well. April Lorey sufferd from uertus cancer and went through major surgery along with treatment for cancer. April is now in full Remison of cancer of a year but suffers from the after math of cancer and many medical problams due to it. She has a big heart for Kids as well.

So what do we do ?
Christian lorey will write and sing songs that is custom for each child who has cancer the song will then be uploaded online so you will see your childs song right away. Your name will then be put on a waiting lisit and each month we will ship out so many DVDS with your childs song. Along with the words to your song and a coloring book or other item for your childs age group. Once we get to your childs name your items will be shiped out. How ever if your child Is put in to the Hospital she/he may move up the lisit. We will also send our cards and happy mail to your child if he or she is put in to the Hospital. So even once you get your dvd and items and song. You may still get some happy mail and cards once in a while for your child. We also pray for each child who signs up and we will keep up to date so we know how best to pray for your child.

who can sign up ?
Any Child from age newborn to age 17 who has cancer may sign up to get a song and happy mail. No Child can sign them selfs up we have to have 100% permison from the mother or care giver of the child. We do check to be sure those who sign up are who they say they are. so we may ask a few Questions. If you have more then one child with cancer you may sign up all of them.

What if i am not in the USA?
If your outside the USA we can not send DVDS or items due to the cost and funds. How ever you still may sign your child up we will still make them a song upload it online and email you the words of that song to print. If your child is in the Hospital how ever we can send them a card to there Hospital room.

What if my child is in remison of cancer ?
Your Child is still brave and strong in our eyes and a hero. even if your child is in remison of cancer you can still sign up. as long as the child is 17 or under.

What if my child is put in to the Hospital or becomes very ill ?
If this shell happen just send us a message with the Hospital info and we will send out happy mail and a card. if they have not yet got a DVD they will move up on the lisit to get it. We will need to know the hospital info on where to send the items and card to your child

when do you send out the items ?
Each Child will see there song online 3 to 7 days after signing up. How ever for the dvd and happy mail. they will go on awaiting lisit we will send out so many each month due to funds we have to limit how much we send out at a given time. how ever if your child should be put in to the hospital due to being ill just send us a message with hospital info they might move up on the lisit and will be sent a card.

Do you accept donations ?
We do not accept donations of money of any kind all money comes out of our own pockets. how ever if you want to donate you may always send brand new coloring books or new children books, markers ETC such items as this. no toys or stuffed toys will be accepted sorry.

What info do you need to sign up ?
We will need your childs full name, your home address  so we know where to send the items. a photo of your child. so we can see who we are helping. if your child has a website or page such as a CB page we would love to stop in and sign there guest books. we need to know the childs age. the type of cancer the child has. if your child is in remison and what stage of cancer your child is in. When your child is in the Hospital we will need the hospital info to send a card. and we will need to know Your name and how you are related to the child. and a email address from you. We will also ask of you to send us a photo of your child with the happy mail when they get it. Your home address and email will stay pravit and only for us to see only we never give out pravit info.

We will also need info on what your child likes. and what remines you of them such as teddy bears ETC to write your songs how ever not alot of info is needed just some things that may help to write your song.

Where do i sign up ?
We run off face book. and you may add our Face book page it can be found under this email. songs_of_hope@yahoo.com   dont forget the _ after songs and the _ after the of in the email. if you do not have a face book page you may email us at the above address. please allow 3 to 7 days for us to return your emails.

What if my Child needs prayers ?
If your child has a prayer need You may email it to us and we will be happy to post it on face book so others may pray as well as we will be in prayer over your child. if this is a pravit prayer need let us know and we will not post it on face book but we will pray over this prayer need.

How can i get a graphic/banner or photo edits of my child ?
If you would love graphic or banners for your child or would love edits of your photos please let us know April has been doing graphics and edits of photos and banners for many years now and would love to do some of your child. as for graphics just let us know some things your child may like such as Pooh bear. etc and april will go from there.

If you have any Questions you may ask us on face book or by emailing us at songs_of_hope@yahoo.com and we will be happy to Answer any Questions you might have.
 Also add us to face book by using the above email address to fine out thanks

Thanks April & Christian Lorey