Songs of hope for kids with cancer was set up on May 18th 2011. By April & Christian Lorey. The Ideal for this came by Tyler Tuckers grandmother Dralene Cox. Tyler is a little boy we have prayed for since he was going on 3 years old. Dralene saw one of Christians songs we uploaded on face book. She thought it would be a grate ideal that Christian used his gift of music for children who had cancer. Christian and April both agreed and thought it was a grate idea.

Christian Lorey sings and writes his own songs. He has a heart for music and a heart and love for children. Christian will sing custom songs for kids who is fighting cancer or kids who is in remison of cancer. The songs will be uploaded online for the family to View. there will also be a waiting lisit set up. and once a month we will send each family a DVD of there songs with the words to the song along with happy mail such as coloring books or other things that would go for the age of the child.
April Lorey will over see the website and face book page. April Lorey has a heart for little ones and she knows what it is like to suffer from cancer. April had uertus cancer and had to face treatments she also knows what it is to go through the after math of cancer and suffer much medical problams due to it. April is a year now in to her remison and has a heart to help kids who suffer from cancer.

We are much more then songs. we will be a prayer and support to the familys. If a child is in the Hospital we will send out cards to the hospital room. and happy mail such as coloring books or books and other items. We run this from a face book and you can get the info under contact page. How ever if you do not have a face book page that is ok you may email us also and ask for a song and items for your child.

We do not accept money donations of any kind. all coloring books and items come out of our own pocket. how ever people are welcome to donate coloring books or books. Due to children who have cancer all books need to be brand  new and not used. No used books can be accepted as we need to be sure it is germ free as much as we can  for the children. But again we will not accept money of any kind at all. this is not a donation page. Also we do not ask the family for any money either and never will.

How ever due to all coming out of our own pocket we have to limit DVDS and Items to the USA ONLY. How ever if your outside of the USA we will still write your child a song and upload it online and email you the words of that song. we just can not send dvds or items over seas at this time. So if your outside of USA you will be limited but we can still do you a song. also we can still send you a card if your child is sick and at the Hospital we will just need the hospital info to send the cards to.

Please check out the rest of our website for more info on how to sign up for this. also we will have a page set up here so you can meet April and Christian lorey as well as little tyler tucker the reason for this website so be sure to visit all pages

You may contact us by Emailing us or adding us to your Face book account
By using this email address

songs_of_hope@yahoo.com    there is a _ after songs and _ after Of before hope so be sure to type that in right we would love to here from you.

Thanks April & Christian Lorey