April & Christian Lorey first came a cross Tyler when he was just going on 3 years old. He is so brave and such a strong little boy. who has touched our heart in such a deep way.  Tyler tucker battled with stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma it was discoverd at the age of only two years old. He was born on Oct,9th 2000. He faced alot of  Chemo. and alot of Surgeries in his young life. Tyler tucker is in full remison of his cancer how ever he suffers from many Medical problams due to his cancer. he has alot of problams with his Jaw and due to this.   He has countless of Surgeries and will face many more in his life. Tyler has been through So much in his life more then most adults ever will face. Tyler tucker has became very dear to our hearts he has touched so many people around this world and alot of people love tyler tucker. His nana is one of them and also has became very dear to our hearts.

She loves her grandson so very much and there is nothing she would not do for this little guy. To watch tyler grow up as been a joy to us all he is a Miracle for sure hes brave and strong. Tyler is just one of many Kids who suffer from Cancer and his nana speaks out not only to help tyler but other kids as well.

Tylers nana asked christian to use his gift for kids with cancer to do songs for kids. we loved this ideal and of course we went with it. So it would only be right to share tyler through out this website as he is the reason this has been started. Trought little tylers story we hope to reach out to many kids who have cancer and to be able to pray for them each child with cancer is brave and strong No child should have to face cancer.

To get updates and more info on Tyler tucker please visit his website at


His grandmother and his Mother loves to here from each of you. and all prayers are welcome for tyler as is all the little ones with cancer
Thank you
April and Christian Lorey