Christian and april Lorey live in Des moines iowa. where they both grew up. they was married in 2004. both of them have a heart for all children. April was a child caregiver for many years. as well as taking care of her niece Allison Hope who was born on may 4th 2007 in the 7th month. Allison was just 2lbs and 14 inchs long she was very small. Allison has Hydro ( built up fuild of the brain ) and has a shunt in to help her. as well as CP. April loved taking care of her Niece and felt like a 2nd mommy of Allison Hope. April learned many new ways to work with her. and open her home to her Workers to come out and work with her. Allison is now 4 years old and due to medical reasons april is no longer a caregiver but is very much still in Allison hopes life. April also worked in the Nursery at church for a few years with the 1 year old and 2 year olds and loved taking care of the little ones.

April sufferd from 4 misscarriages and Due to uertus cancer she can not have a baby of her own. on April 16th 2010 April had Major Surgery to remove her uertus,ovrys,tubes ALL in order to remove the cancer. April was in Remison from that moment how ever she was at big risk of the return of her cancer so in June of 2010 she started Treatment that ended of july 2010. April is now 1 full year of Remison she has to go to her cancer doctor every 3 months for check ups and once a year she has CT scans. she has sufferd alot of Medical problams caused by the cancer. Cancer took so much from her life. April is a stay at home wife. She is also a Reborn doll artist she makes collector life like baby dolls for collectors it is a very rewarding job and gives her somthing to pass the time.

Christian Has a big heart for little kids just like his wife. he works in fast food now for a few years and he had also been part caregiver of our niece allison hope when she was in our care. His dream job would be to get his music out there of course he loves music and writing and singing is somthing he loves to do so the thought of writing songs for kids with cancer is a dream for him. Christian is a wonderful guy and a grate support to his wife now and when she had cancer he stood right beside her every step of the way. Both April and Christian have a grate love for the lord as well and put him 1st in all they do. They both make a grate team when it comes to working with each other. They both run a org called rainbow kids and babys that is a prayer ministry set up for children with a child hood illness. they have 7 nieces and nephews who they enjoy and love very much so. And of course they have 2 cats who they love as well.

They try to live each day to enjoy life. And stay as postive as they can.They are both down to earth people and out going when it comes to working with the children. All through april is very shy in person as well as christian.They have walked with the march of dimes with team miracle allison home for there Niece. and many other things
There is much we could write about our selfs how ever we will leave it at this and if you have any Questions about us you may ask.

We are praying for a Cure for All people who suffer from Cancer. Children. teens,Adults It is our hope one day there will be a Cure for cancer.

God Bless
April and Christian Lorey